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The author of numerous books published in 45 languages including the international No. 1 Born to Succeed.

As a Thought-Leader his ideas have inspired millions, influenced 1000s of businesses, and directly improved 100s.

As an Entrepreneur he has founded enterprises in property, services, leisure, entertainment, food and retail.

Colin Turner Associates are Trusted Advisors that specialise in introducing strategic Game-Changers.

He is a former President of a NASDAQ listed company, and holds several Chairmanships.

As Professor Emeritus of Entrepreneurial Leadership he is the Creator of The Psychology of Corporate Entrepreneurship and The 1% Solution.

His CEO Bullet is read and recommended by over 5,000 CEOs.

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"Europe’s foremost teacher for success"


As a Speaker, Colin′s keynotes deliver powerful messages to make conferences a success.

"What Turner preaches he has practiced"



′I sincerely hope that millions read Colin Turner’s Inspirational books′
Sir Michael Grylls

Colin Turner is the bestselling author of 18 books published in 39 languages, with over two million copies enjoyed by readers. He has recorded numerous Audio programs and is the creator of the award winning program:

The Psychology of CORPORATE Entrepreneurship

′Dramatic, thought-provoking, influential′

Combining Eastern philosophy and contemporary Western experience into a practical format for daily use, his thought-provoking books blend Universal Principles with the tough commercial practicalities of life and have inspired people worldwide.

His Programs: The Teachings of Billionaire Yen Tzu and The One Percent Solution have stimulated the thinking of millions of people.

′East meets West for successful business′
Ma Zengang, Chinese Ambassador

At one time 7 of his books were in the top 100 list in Japan – including Born to Succeed that reached No. 1 – where his practical ideas were embraced during the challenging times Japan experienced during the 1990’s.

′Turner directs with sound advice′
Shingo Miyake, NIKKEI

Professor Emeritus of Entrepreneurship, Colin Turner advises leading businesses from GSK to Gartner and Microsoft to Monsanto. During his tenure as Director of Entrepreneurial Leadership at Theseus International Management Institute, today part of the Edhec Business School, the Financial Times ranked the Institute No. 1 worldwide for Internationality in Customized Executive Programs.

′A first class informative keynote, Colin really does his research′
Michael Fleisher, President, Gartner

From a practical perspective, as an Entrepreneur, he has founded nine enterprises from start-up including Paramount Homes – pioneers in bespoke luxury housing, sold to P & O. He also developed The Piaf Theme Restaurants and Cockfosters Group, sold to Courage; and the SkyPark Business Centres at regional airports. He is a Former Chairman of Futuremedia Learning - one of Europe’s leading multi-platform learning solutions specialists and former President of the parent company, Futuremedia plc - A NASDAQ listed award winning e-learning company.

′Turner’s books create positive results for business′
Evening Standard

Colin Turner understands success and business emotionally as well as intellectually and in true entrepreneurial fashion has endured the pre-requisite learning curve that deep lows can unexpectedly follow euphoric highs.

′Colin’s been there and knows what he is talking about′
Success Today

Hard-won experience gained through 3 recessions has ensured the development of clear, firm and proven principles to turn adversity into opportunity and develop profitable growth while making a difference.

′What Turner preaches he has practiced′
Sunday Independent

′Colin Turner’s work hooks like a thriller you can’t put down…that it is also engrossing inspiring and upbeat makes it essential reading for everyone with a job.′

′A leading authority on success, business, management and lifestyle′