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How To Get More Clients, Grow Your Practice...

And Have a Life at the same time.

Discover What Lawyers Across The UK are Learning About Effective, Ethical and ′Outside-The-Box Thinking for Law Practitioners.

I am about to introduce you to a complete change in thinking - one that I use (and every successful lawyer that I have worked with uses) to enjoy both more money and more time.

Discover what these Lawyers are doing to...

  • attract new high-calibre clients.

  • think and act as a rainmaker.

  • encourage successful cross-selling.

"I had been in practice 15 years and spent tremendous energy attempting to create ethical marketing that actually works! Colin′s campaign worked for me "

Julie Glynn, Glynns, Bristol

"This was such good value. We bought one program for our whole practice of 6 and we all got huge value out of it "

John Evans, Solicitor, Manchester

Just one of these insights can change not only your practice, but even your life. For example...

  • maximize value from offerings.

  • generate value for clients.

  • encourage client ambassadorship.

Over the years I have coached and mentored Lawyers and advised Law Departments and I′m happy to share my breakthrough ideas with you because they have been proven to work in the real world. At minimum you should walk away with at least 3 or 4 BIG IDEAS you can use to instantly benefit your practice, probably more.

Of the many Lawyers I have met during my 36 years in business every one admitted what they had really wanted was to know how to save themselves time but they were...

Too Busy to Find Out How.

Whether under pressure to ratchet up chargeable hours, win new clients or deal with administrative problems, life as a lawyer seemed to be a treadmill...

Most would get in early or leave late in the determination to build the firm or become a partner. Yet when they did become a partner - they worked even longer hours!

That was the price of their success.

The fact is that it does not have to be like that.

There is a way that makes a positive difference.

A way that demands a different way of thinking.

Those that have followed my ideas have enjoyed the benefits

- of more money and more time...

Simply because they learned how to start thinking like an entrepreneur...

When I say that please understand... I do NOT mean risk-taking...

...I mean applying the criteria that successful entrepreneurs apply to maximize value from previously ignored or simply overlooked opportunity.

Why should lawyers think like entrepreneurs - you ask - after all not every business person has to have a legal mind - do they?

Well the hard fact of life is that lawyers today MUST think differently.

Most Law Firms apply outdated traditional thinking and do not operate like a modern business.

You matter how good your reputation times are changing.

You - as far as the client is concerned - are as good as your last piece of advice. And if it does not deliver then that client will go elsewhere and tell everyone why.

Challenging times demand a new way of thinking.

Most Law Firms have their origins in entrepreneurship. Yet, those same entrepreneurial attributes, instrumental in the founding and successful growth of their business, are now ignored.

To Get More Clients, Grow Your Practice... And Have A Life... you will need to start thinking like...

THE NEW LAWYER entrepreneur and that′s why I have developed this program for you.

...Over the past 36 years I have...Founded 9 companies from start-up...Been the President of Nasdaq Listed Company...Acted for leading FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 Companies...Advised Europe′s most influential business families...Trained aspiring partners in the BIG FOUR accountancy firms...Advised leading Law Firms...And survived four recessions and thrived.

"What Turner preaches he has practiced"

Sunday Independent

My work is published in 39 languages including Number One in Japan.

"Turner directs with timely advice"

Shingo Miyake, NIKKEI

My programs are tested and proven by leading companies.

"Colin Turner′s programs are essential for Business Success"

Roger Leek, Executive Board Director, Fujitsu

I have been quoted by Business Week as...

"UK and Europe′s foremost specialist for developing

Entrepreneurial Leadership within established companies"

I understand your challenge... right now you think you are too busy to learn new ideas... and this is where I can promise you that this material is completely void of legal speak and dull examples - it has been designed to save time because... YOUR TIME IS VALUABLE.

Comprising a 45-minute DVD 2 x 55-minute Audio CD′s with an extensive workbook packed with principles and practices...I created this program for YOU, whether you are an Associate, Aspiring Partner, New or Senior Partners, Law Graduate or Trainee. Void of legal speak and dull examples it has been designed to save time because YOUR TIME is valuable.


...I am so confident that you will BENEFIT FROM THE IDEAS that you will have 30 days to evaluate it. If at the end of that period you can honestly say you have not benefited then you may return the program and receive a full refund.

The fact of the matter is that successful lawyers invest in wider learning and are NOT limited to their own field. From a learning perspective you can make the program a vital part of your Continuing Professional Development.

With THE NEW LAWYER entrepreneur YOU WILL...


"This is a down-to-earth program for those lawyers that are serious about achieving more success."

Stephen Madge, Head of Learning & Professional Development, Hammonds


This program is important to YOU...

because it will help you attract more business...

maximize value from opportunity...

and capitalize on ignored opportunities that exist within your firm...

Order The NEW LAWYER Entrepreneur Program for YOUR Practice Now...

£495 £247.00 (YOU SAVE 50%)


Professor Colin Turner

PS: This program is guaranteed. I promise to refund you in full if within 30 days of evaluating it you decide it has not delivered any value to you.

PPS: At the equivalent of one average chargeable hour this really represents excellent value if you are truly serious about getting what you really, really want.

Price: £97.00

"I guarantee this program will make the difference YOU want"
Colin Turner